PPP Glossary

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a funding arrangement whereby a public entity resorts to private service providers to fund and manage a public asset or service.

A Public Contract is a contract in return for payment concluded between contracting authorities (public authorities) and public or private entities and which addresses the needs of these contracting authorities with regard to supplies, services and works.

Preliminary Appraisal:

It builds on two key aspects:

  • The notice of fiscal sustainability of the Minister in charge of Finance (consistency of the financial commitments of the State, impact on public finance)
  • CARPA Appraisal Report (Urgency, Complexity, Technical Analysis, Economic, Financial and legal Analysis, Risk Sharing Analysis), plus the Notice of Timeliness on the option taken to execute the project under a Partnership Contract.

Privatisation: Operation whereby the State or a public body or parastatal totally or partially withdraws from enterprises wherein they hold part of or the total of shares irrespective of the legal status (capital company, public administrative establishment, mixed enterprise); to the benefit of the private sector.

It can be done in two ways:

  • Through transfer to the private sector, of shares held by the State and public bodies in enterprises to be privatized: The case of HEVECAM;
  • Transfer of assets of the companies to be privatized to the private sector; The case of CAMSUCO;
  • Rental or management of assets and/or goodwill of the company by private natural persons or private entities: The case of SOGELAIT;
  • Management contract of the company awarded to private natural persons or private entities: The case of CENTRAL HOTEL;
  • Concession : The case of SONEL, CAMRAIL, MTN and ORANGE