General Presentation

The Support Council for the Realization of Partnership Contracts abbreviated as CARPA in French was set up by Law No.2006/012 of 29 December 2006 to lay down the General Regime for Partnership Contracts.

It is a State's representative legal entity which has as role to advise government on PPP issues. It is also a centre of expertise and information on PPP. This entity is normally made up of senior professionals with proven experience which enables them to carry out multifaceted analyses of projects that will be brought in.


CARPA is led by a President who is appointed by Decree. Its activities are supervised by a Steering Committee which is chaired by the President of CARPA and consists of 11 members including 7 hailing either from the private sector or non-profit organisations.

The Steering Committee is tasked with giving an opinion on the feasibility of every project proposed for execution under the PPP system. Opinions and minutes of deliberations of the Steering Committee are forwarded to the Prime minister who has the power to amend its decisions.

CARPA has a Technical Secretariat composed of 12 experts at most recruited from 6 professional corps (Finance, Law, Technical Engineering, Mine, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Public Administration) following a competitive bidding process. The Technical Secretariat is placed under the authority of a Technical Coordinator who is also recruited through a call to tender process.


CARPA has as mandate to contribute to the replacement of public facilities and improvement of the quality of services to citizens through the implementation of PPP projects.

In particular, CARPA is charged with advising government on any issues related to public-private partnerships, notably as concerns the selection of projects and prioritization of the execution of the projects selected.

It also has as mandate to inform public bodies, the business community and the general public on the concept of public management in PPP mode. CARPA is equally tasked with promoting best international practices in PPP.

CARPA is responsible for providing its expertise to public bodies in relation to the assessment of the feasibility of projects in PPP, including negotiation, conclusion and management of the said contracts. Ministries and other government services are required by law to resort to CARPA for the execution of their projects in PPP mode. Projects mainly focus on Transport (highways, bridges, ports ...), Health (health care facilities ...), Sports (stadiums) and Culture (concert halls, etc.).